Quartier Wilhelmshöhe

On the upper hillside of Duisburg's Kaiserberg, a unique residential quarter has been realized in Duisburg's prime location. Eight urban villas with spacious apartments and luxurious interiors are grouped around the historic Henle Villa with its well-known Fahrenkamp building extension.

To protect the villa-like townscape, the stationary traffic was accommodated in three underground garages. In this way, the new buildings higher up on the slope can also be reached barrier-free. The clinkered facades of the residential buildings present themselves elegantly and discreetly in the design, the cubature appears classic and modern at the same time.

In the north of the site, towards the pedestrian path to Kaiserberg, there are four urban villas with seven apartments each. To the east, three more villas form a natural boundary towards the forest. All buildings open to the south and west. The apartments have areas of 85 to 165 square meters, the four large penthouses have an area of 200 square meters. The terrain on the hillside is structured by gradations, so that a generous neighborhood place with park-like planting could be created.

The loggias and terraces offer a unique view over Duisburg and the Rhineland all the way to Cologne. The target group for the quarter at Wilhelmshöhe are people who want to combine an urban lifestyle with the calm of a location with lots of light and nature.