In the middle of Duisburg's city center between the city hall, the city center and the inner harbor, a new city quarter is being built on a large fallow land, which will serve primarily for residential purposes. The NEXUS residential building mediates aesthetically between the historically detailed reconstructed structure of the Mercatorhaus and the neighboring residential development.

The quarter is characterized by the reference to the historical street layout of the historic medieval city and by the inclusion of the proportions of the buildings of that time. In this way, the urban design concept addresses the large number of archaeological traces that were secured during the redevelopment of the area.

The exterior areas of the neighborhood are divided by a small courtyard structure. Private courtyards create spaces of retreat for the future residents, while the public courtyards, which are kept completely car-free, serve as meeting spaces in the neighborhood.

NEXUS is a special residential building with an appeal that goes far beyond the beautiful facade and the great lobby. It represents a modern lifestyle that is oriented towards the technical possibilities of a networked smart living infrastructure and the ideas of the share economy.

The core target group for the NEXUS building is "Young Urban Professionals" between the ages of 25 and 40 - but other age groups are of course welcome. Some apartments are suitable for young families. All residents seek contact with people with similar interests and live the idea of the "village in the city".

A large roof terrace on the second floor for the entire tenant community invites to watch the sunsets over the town hall and harbor. With its connected kitchen, it also provides the conditions for parties and thus extends the possibilities of the tenant apartments. From the terrace, a staircase leads to the urban gardening module on the roof. Whether used as a bee pasture or a vegetable patch, the raised beds arranged around seating areas can be designed by planting according to residents' ideas.

Inside, the property's equipment with various Smart Living components is complemented by an extensive range of services provided by Duisburger Verkehrs- und Versorgungsbetriebe (DVV). These include electric car sharing, the offer of cleaning and vacation services, and smart energy management for everyone - good prerequisites for living that is as comfortable as it is future-oriented.