Fuchs & Hase – Villenwohnen an den Angerbachauen

In one of the most popular residential areas in the Düsseldorf metropolitan area, on the border between Duisburg and the state capital, the project "Fuchs&Hase" – Villenwohnen an den Angerbachauen is being developed.

As part of a community of investors, Blankbau won an urban development competition and acquired a large part of the "Am Alten Angerbach" plot, which had been put out to competition by the City of Duisburg. A total of 86 semi-detached and detached villas are now being built here.

With the Fuchs&Hase development, a residential quarter is becoming reality that sets new standards in Duisburg. The location in Huckingen already establishes links to both major city centers in the surrounding area; this means that both Duisburg's Königsstraße and Düsseldorf's Königsallee can be reached in a short time using the urban railroad.

Architecturally, the development presents itself as a sophisticated villa quarter with elements of a neoclassical architectural style. The living areas are between 141 m² and 195 m². In compliance with the specifications of a development plan, different facade typologies have been developed and in this way the design idea of "diversity in unity" has been implemented; the result is an attractive but always harmonious combination of different structures in the street layout.

Fuchs&Hase has the neighborhood community idea: Blankbau co-developed the CityApp of Duisburger Verkehrs- und Versorgungsbetriebe and is responsible for the go-to-market of the pilot project in the Huckingen Angerbachauen district selected for it.