NIDO Koloniestraße

The terraced barrier-free and senior-friendly NIDO apartment building on Koloniestraße offers a high level of living comfort in old age for couples and singles. The concept includes high-quality service apartments for seniors and other uses such as day care, social services, and a café. Opportunities for socializing are a high priority in this building.

From the architectural and design language on the exterior to well-chosen materials and colors on the interior, the NIDO design guide is used to create a building that creates a NIDO (Spanish & Italian = the nest) for the residents.

The NIDO stamp embossed on the facade in the upper corner of the building indicates the quality standards of the property.

In terms of urban development, the new building closes a gap on Koloniestraße. What appears as a 6-story block on the street side, extends in the depth of the property as a terrace building from 2 to 6 floors. The dynamic structure of terraces and balconies on different levels supports visual and communication relations with each other.

The modern elegance of the facade is characterized by rounded building corners. The classic facade structure is reflected in the clinker-clad base floor and white, horizontally banded upper floors. The entrances and accesses are emphasized by large-scale glazing on the staircases.