NIDO Düsseldorfer Landstraße

The first NIDO house - a barrier-free, senior-friendly apartment building for singles and couples - is being built on Düsseldorfer Landstraße. The concept of the house is already reflected in its name: nido. means "the nest" in Spanish and Italian.

From the architectural and design language on the exterior to well-chosen materials and colors on the interior, the NIDO design guide is used to create a unique, high-quality product.

The residential complex is divided into 2 apartment buildings with commercial space on the street-side first floor and an underground garage. It consists of a 4- to 5-story angle-shaped building on Düsseldorfer Landstraße and a 4-story point building in the landscaped inner courtyard.

The different building heights, for- & setbacks and terrace areas on different levels create a dynamic building composition.

The clear, structured facade design adds modern elegance to the residential complex. The corners of the building are rounded. The building has a base floor with a clinker facade. The white rendered upper floors are structured by facade bands that emphasize the horizontality of the property.

The landscaped inner courtyard is a community space and creates places for people to meet.